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Slick Rock Road, Lake Alpine Area  

Rating North to South "5"
Rating South to North "6"

Adopt-A-Trail By: Joaquin Jeepers




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  Location: Slick Rock Road is located in the beautiful area below Lake Alpine. How to get there. Take HWY 4 to Lake Alpine enter the lower campground at W. Lake Alpine rd. stay to your right and follow a gravel road, both sides will be posted private property. You will go about Ύ of mile and you will come the sign for the start of Slick Rock Road.

  Description: It gets the name from a section of the trail that drops down a granite face.  Its called road due to the fact it was actually asphalt at one time. You may see some sections of asphalt still remaining. The Trail starts off from the Campground below Lake Alpine. The trail follows the pristine Silver Creek. The creek flows over solid granite in some areas. There are plenty a wilderness camp spots along the trail and creek. 

  The only two major obstacles are a steep granite face you descend down named “Slick Rock” and an area you climb up near the Duck Creek bridge. I’m convinced you will not make it up without a winch, tow or some kind of locking axles. You can let me know if you luck out and make it with no trouble. The trail has two major water crossings one about 10” deep and the other via a one lane bridge over Duck Creek. The trail is only about 3 miles long and can be run non-stop in less then two hours. 

 You can easily make a day of it with the drive there and stopping along the trail to enjoy all the beauty. 

    Recommended equipment: Almost any type of  4x4 vehicle can make it through, but some are easier than others. Stock Jeeps will do the job. Vehicles with a long wheel base will have a little trouble with some sharp turns. Tow hooks and straps are a must.  The less the vehicle is equipped the more work  you can expect.

  Accommodations: Lodge at Lake Alpine . Developed camp areas on the North end of trail at Silver Tip Campground and Lake Alpine Campground.  At the South end of trail developed camp areas at Utica Reservoir and Union Reservoir.


Going down through this gorge gets a little tight, this is where the full size vehicles usually turn around.

Plenty of shade along the trail.

This is the top of "Slick Rock" the granite rock face you drop off of into the valley.

This is looking back up "Slick Rock". This picture does not really show how steep it is. It is climbable, the hardest part is the shelf at the bottom. There is a easy bypass to the right of this.

Enjoy all the trail has to offer...

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