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Corral Hollow, Rating "4"

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  Location: Corral Hollow trail is located just below Bear Valley Ski Resort/Mount Reba off hwy 4. The trail can be run either direction. Leaving directly from hwy 4 at the east end of trail you will have to watch for the small Jeep trail marker just as you come around the last turn before enter the Bear Valley area. You can also access the trail from the west by taking Cabbage road to FR 7N11. 


  Description: The trail is about 13 miles long and takes about 2 hours to run. There are no major obstacles and the trail is not difficult. This trail is a great choice for the first timers or if you want to take the wife’s SUV somewhere without tearing up the rocker panels. On the back side of the trail you will find yourself on top of a ridge with a beautiful view of a valley, and across the other side of the valley a view of Mokelumne Peak. At this point you come across a make shift fence/gate because you will be entering open cattle range area. You will have to open the gate to continue, be sure to close it behind you. You will begin winding back down around the mountain to Bear Trap Basin. There is a cabin at Bear Trap Basin and you will probably see some cattle in this area. Coming out you will find you have a couple routes to take both ending up at the same place, Cabbage road. Enjoy the trail although you may find the highlight of the trail was to see some cattle up close. This trail is a short distance from the Slick Rock Road trail and they could be both run in a day, maybe breaking for lunch at the Bear Valley Lodge.


  Recommended equipment: Any type of  4x4 vehicle can make it through.  Vehicles with a long wheel base will have a little trouble with some sharp turns. 

  Accommodations: Lodge at Bear Valley. Developed camp areas on the west end of trail at Del Orto Camp, Big Meadow Campground and Silver Tip Campground just above Bear Valley.




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